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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Summaries of 50 Science Fiction Stories, With Links

You can access dozens of illustrated science fiction stories on this site by browsing through the story titles. But some people find it easier to select stories that interest them by looking through a list of story plot summaries. For the benefit of such people, I have compiled the list below. If you find a story that interests you, just click on the link to read the story.  You are guaranteed NOT to be annoyed by any advertisements or pop-ups.

  • Long after Earth's cities are wrecked and covered in moss, alien visitors find one surviving remnant of American culture. Link.
  • A woman on a slow-moving spaceship is the thirty-seventh clone of a woman who once lived thirty-seven lifetimes ago on Earth. Link.
  • A future surveillance state requires everyone to wear electronic headbands that will help control behavior and monitor everyone's activities. Link.
  • A man raises his IQ to be nine times higher than the average human intelligence. Link.
  • An Olympic competitor mysteriously displays superhuman athletic abilities. Link.
  • Astronauts find a planet offering boundless riches of sensual pleasure. Link.
  • The rich flee to comfortable refuges in remote locations after civilization collapses. Link.
  • The emperor of a dying solar system vows to become the one person who will survive the calamity. Link.
  • Extraterrestrials try to conquer our planet by getting us all addicted to something more pleasurable than sex or heroin. Link.
  • A husband and wife decide to electronically link their brains, so that they can always read each others' minds. Link.
  • After man becomes extinct, robots live on, basing their way of life on our old television shows. Link.
  • A little boy becomes the only one on our planet who can figure out a puzzle left by alien visitors from the stars. Link.
  • A man freezes himself for decades, hoping that he will be a rich man when he defrosts. Link.
  • A group of friends on another planet vow to walk on all the moons they can see in their sky. Link.
  • Extraterrestrial visitors start to terraform Mars, making it become more earth-like. Link.
  • An old man becomes young again, and gets a shocking surprise after he starts dating again. Link.
  • An environmental disaster requires everyone on the planet to make a ridiculous-looking modification in their appearance. Link.
  • Turmoil and tension erupts after astronauts from one planet find that the beings on their sister planet are superior in every way. Link.
  • A man uses the Large Hadron Collider to help him steal loot and store it in another dimension. Link.
  • When a huge group of protesters protests unemployment caused by robots, the sky above them becomes filled with menacing drones. Link.
  • When a starlet uses stem cells to turn back the clock, she gets a nasty surprise at the Academy Award ceremony. Link.
  • A country threatens the United States with a dark energy bomb vastly more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. Link.
  • Astronauts from Earth discover the secrets of the eons from immortals on a distant planet. Link.
  • The mother of the last family on Earth finds it necessary to tell a comforting lie to her son. Link.
  • After global warming worsens, illegal immigrants flee a hot dusty United States trying to get to a green temperate Canada. Link.
  • A superintelligent young boy faces bullying from the kids at his school. Link.
  • A church of the future uses fancy technology to fleece the faithful. Link.
  • A society of the twenty-second century prohibits all males from the island it controls. Link.
  • A small group of trillionaires divide up the world's riches for themselves. Link.
  • Almost everyone in the US uses a personable computer interface, making it the perfect target for foreign subversion. Link.
  • An opponent of modern technology lets loose an amnesia plague, causing millions to lose their memories. Link.
  • A young girl is puzzled by why everyone suddenly looks hideously ugly. Link.
  • A daughter suspects that her father has been replaced by a sinister android. Link.
  • A bloodless war of robots breaks out between the United States and Europe. Link.
  • On an arid alien planet, a young man goes on a quest to find out if there is any truth to the legendary things called rain and clouds. Link.
  • A gold-digging wife is frustrated when her very rich and very old husband uses high technology to extend his life far beyond his expected time of death. Link.
  • Long after a passing rogue planet yanks Earth into a new orbit, a group of men explore a Manhattan buried underneath a glacier. Link.
  • A woman defies a future society of immortals that bans parenthood. Link.
  • Noticing that his mother's body below the neck looks newly young, a son suspects his mother of a horrible futuristic crime. Link.
  • A person on a low-gravity planet performs a set of heroic deeds impossible on a planet like ours. Link.
  • Two earthly nations use space-time wormholes as weapons against each other, fighting the weirdest war ever. Link.
  • A young woman with superhuman intelligence is criticized by her fellow geniuses for falling in love with a man of normal intelligence. Link.
  • A young man in a space colony orbiting Earth develops a plan to return to the planet that humans abandoned long ago. Link.
  • Scientists unfreeze life frozen at the bottom of an Antarctic lake, unleashing a plague from millions of years ago. Link.
  • A woman finds that powers high in the US government have used high technology to alter her memory. Link.
  • A person devises an ingenious plan that will let people on his planet see the stars for the first time. Link.
  • A collapsing volcano in the Canary Islands causes a super-tsunami that puts New York City underwater. Link.
  • A man discovers that the woman he wanted to marry is being electronically controlled by another person. Link.
  • After robots take over the world, humans are confined to pleasurable concentration camps. Link.
  • The government offers a plan to freeze old people until a future age when they can be revived. Link.

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